Setup Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of Android Apps on Ubuntu

Jenkins Android Apps Setup Prerequisites:

  • Value: /home/shekhar/sdk-tools-linux-3859397

What is Jenkinsfile?

Steps to setup android project in Jenkins:

  • Name: Your project name will be displayed here
  • Display name: The optional display name is shown for the project throughout the Jenkins web GUI(Optional)
  • Description: Description of the project. (Optional)
  • Project Repository: Enter the Git repository URL of the project
  • Credentials:
  1. Click on Add button
  2. Enter your Git username
  3. Enter your Git password
  4. Click on add button
  5. Once your credentials are saved then for next project you can also select credentials from the drop-down.
  • Mode: By Jenkinsfile
  • Script path: Jenkinsfile ( Relative location within the checkout of your Pipeline script.All your functionality you need to perform while building the application will be scripted in Jenkinsfile)

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